Introduction to Ancient Occult Arts and Beliefs

Introduction to Ancient Occult Arts and Beliefs

All art by Johfra Bosschart, 1918 - 1998

"...perhaps there is a pattern set up in the heavens for one who desires to see it, and having seen it, to find one in himself." - Plato

All things that come into being have a reason for their existence, although intellectual lethargy, together with the passage of time, are the reasons why some things are accepted as fact when they are not. We dwell in times were the ego of man, and not the spirit of man, is adored and reinforced. We should allow for all that is said to be sacred to be in an adulterated and atrophied state. Sincere and close observation shows that this is indeed the case with the arcane canon, with the great Hermetic Arts of Divination: Tarot, Astrology, Kabala and Numerology. When I took up a serious study of the Tarot it was there that I found the secrets to the real Archetypal Astrology.

The high Arts of Divination have each suffered from flagrant tampering, manipulation and unsustainable interpretation, from those wishing to, as the sun they worship does, conceal greater secrets. Moreover, in today's overly dislocated world of academia, the Divination Arts are almost never taught as one subject as they always were in the past. Nevertheless, as I discovered, it seems that the Universal Will (Intelligence) is always in operation. In my studies I found that what was taken from or lost to one Art would be preserved and traceable in its cousin. That which was expunged or lost to Numerology I found still intact in, say, the Kabala.

What was lost to Kabala I could resurrect from the study of Tarot and so on. So, like an archaeologist, only in the realm of the esoteric, I learned how to "dust off" these relics, so to speak, and piece them back together again. I did this with no prerequisite or pet theory, and no partisan conviction or bias. I knew not what shape the final edifice would assume. Little did I realize that my task would take me back through time to see the travesty that time and man have played on all these mystic creations of our forefathers.

Today, due to the pitiful condition of the Earth and the human psyche, the Human Race looks forward to nihilism and calamity. Due to our compulsive fixation on the future, we now prefer to live in ignorance of the sublime bequeathments of the Diviners and Magi of old, and care little to nothing for their many sacrifices and dedication, their observation of the Alchemical nature of nature. Voltaire remarked that man will cease to commit atrocities when he ceases to believe absurdities. Our age, more than any other it seems, has a penchant for exoteric absurdities.

In my researches there was always much darkness, much that did not make sense. There were leads that initially threw little light but, when added one to another, served to spark my curiosity in ways that no orthodox subject ever had. When studying the Tarot I especially had some questions. Mere aesthetic and artistic knowledge did not serve to explicate the enigmatic symbols and most of what the books had to say often seemed contradictory and perfunctory. So I followed the wisdom of Vernon Howard who wrote: see human nonsense as nonsense and save spending years making sense of it.

Many have heard of Astrology and Astronomy. But few there are in the west today that have heard of their parent subject - Astro- Theology. We insist that this is not by chance. Many there are that teach metaphysical subjects but few that can completely lay bear the occult roots of religion and politics. In short, we as individuals instead of constantly looking powerlessly forward to hypothetical futures for our truths must begin revisiting the roots of culture, religion and government. In today's society we are always searching for excellence and perfection. We speak about the prestige of being "original" and we admire those who are. But the word original connotes origins, which connotes the ability to - go back to the roots.

It was in the earliest days of my researches, in Ireland, that I came across the voluminous work of Jordan Maxwell, a researcher into the ancient cults. Since the 1950s he has been diligently reconstructing the Gnosis of the Stellar and Solar epochs, and has found that these Cults are far from being relics of the past. The puzzles and conundrums that had troubled me for years slowly became lucid, after my introduction to the work of Jordan Maxwell. So was proved to me the truth - If your search is very diligent, then one day you will meet a teacher that will not deceive you.

Without the work of Mr. Maxwell I am convinced that I would still be very much in the dark concerning the finer details of the great story, and would certainly never have made the profound discoveries concerning the Divination Arts that has been my good fortune. I come from a tradition where one always honors their patrons and mentors and I never forget their patronage or influence. My deepest gratitude goes out to Jordan for all his courage and humanity. If statues of Jordan, in bronze, were to be erected in every city of America, it would still be a small token of homage to this true Magi of our times per ignem ad lucem!

No ancient astrologer or diviner believed, as the exoteric astrologers do now, that rocks floating in distant parts of space, affect consciousness. Nothing of this kind was taught, and nothing could be further from the actual truth. If the planet Mars exploded tomorrow, it does not mean that the human proclivities, represented by Mars, will disappear from consciousness. The zodiac is instead, within. I refer to it as the "Living Oracle." The external planets have no strange effect on consciousness, at least not enough to affect one's fate. It is a fundamental error and the basis of great metaphysical confusion to postulate otherwise.

The present fallacy exists because of clever and patient tampering, over time, with the fundamental postulates and undergirding philosophy of the ancient science of astrology, and its sister disciplines. We can surmise, that the same forces who conspired to vehemently slaughter, plunder, massacre and desecrate the ancient oracles, shamans, witches, mystics, gnostics, diviners, and who put entire nations to the sword, would hardly, after all their successful efforts, leave those very arts practiced by their victims in perfect pristine condition.

It was these arts that they were after in the first place, and that they wanted to appropriate and suppress. Therefore, if we still find the divination arts in existence, which we do, it goes without saying that they cannot be in their original, uncontaminated form. They must be distortions, and do betray this fact not only by being disconnected from one another, but from frequently yielding erroneous advice. The elites within Judeo-Christianity knew that mere suppression of these arts was not going to work. Suppression would force the practice underground, for the great arts were far too ingrained into the minds and hearts of the ordinary people of the ancient world. Better, then, to gradually tweak them, warp them, and eviscerate them, so they may appear to exist and work, when in fact they work only imperfectly. The high arts of Divination now suffer from being disconnected from one another, and from being studied, taught, used and researched as separate divided subjects. This travesty alone betrays a malign influence.

Few scholars in recent times have correctly researched the particular vision, and teachings, of the ancestors. We, therefore, encourage the reader to peruse the works of Jordan Maxwell, Gerald Massey and the other scholars mentioned above, to come into some legitimate understanding of how the mighty Egyptian Siderealists saw the mysteries of Life, Being and the Universe, for unless we get back to that vision we as a species are doomed to utter destruction. And no amount of "isms" and "ologies" will ever prevent it.

Ultimately, the student must eventually begin sincerely researching Astro-Theology, the subject of subjects. Astro- Theology, the "Religion of the Stars," is also called siderealism, sabeanism and uranography. It is from this great subject that common astrology and astronomy derive. Any study of these cannot, in any way, be complete without comprehension of their parent: Astro-Theology. On this site we endeavor to resurrect this subject of Astro- Theology, especially in its vital connection to the Divination Arts of Astrology and Tarot. Those with independent minds and open hearts, please read on.

We wish to reveal, as others have sought to do, that the greatest of all the mythologies, the Christian, is entirely based on the zodiac and the stars. The people that are going to accept this statement are so few in number, that one may wonder at the reason for the work here presented. It is presented in the spirit of true revelation. Our motive is to re-introduce the greatest of all subjects, Astro-Theology and the mystery of the heavens, of the stars, that was the province of the original makers of civilization, the Egyptian Siderealists. Let us be aware of what we actually mean in terms of duration, when we speak of Egypt. The time of Egyptian Stellar Cult was at least 20,000 years B. C. The original dynasties long predate the official dates given in the history books. What Piazzi Smith, Rutherford, Davison, and the other

Egyptologist discovered, and what masters such as R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz and Gerald Massey proved, is that the hey day of Egypt was not, as fraudulent modern writers insinuate, the Eighteenth Dynasty, and the time of the rise of monotheism, but was ages before, during the days of the great siderealists, the original builders of the pyramid and sphinx, and cultivators of the Nile Valley. Their god was Set, the Child of Taurt the original Madonna. They existed as far back as the Precessional Ages of Libra, Virgo and Leo. Zodiacally, we are in the Ages which directly oppose these signs. We are, astrologically speaking, "mirroring" the ages of the Stellar Cults, which is why there has been revival of interest in the great mysteries of Egypt.

This is why prophets like Edgar Cayce predicted that it would be in the present Age of Pisces, that the secret of the Pyramid would again be discovered. What we call "Egypt" lasted longer than the later Hellenic, Roman, Byzantine, Medieval, Renaissance, Enlightenment, Industrial, and modern ages put together and multiplied by three. The manipulators of history, therefore, purposely concentrate our attention on the latter days, in order to prevent us delving back into Egypt's past. They do so, understandably, for they have everything to lose once humankind becomes reintroduced to the archive of knowledge and wisdom that was common to our ancestors. This wisdom is encapsulated still in the four high arts of Divination, in Tarot, Astrology, Kabala, and Numerology.

In the new millennium there is need to return to the wisdom that was humankind’s in the days of old and move away from the dogma and corruption of orthodoxy which has caused untold horror to the Earth and to the consciousness of human beings. By their own admissions and remonstrations, the purveyors of Judeo-Christian theologies concede that there exist "satanic" forces preying on the pure. This, they have advocated from their own pulpits and publications for countless generations. Additionally, they have professed themselves to be the enemy and indicter of these malignant agencies.

Yet our world has been, and continues to be, debauched by these very self-righteous agents and exponents of orthodox religion. We must conclude that the great Judeo-Christian vanguard has been more than remiss in their crusade against the entities and principalities that they assure us exist. By their own standards of rectitude they are judged impotent and recalcitrant. Sadly few know, or even care to know, the reasons why these religions came to power, or for that matter, how they exercise their power. Those fine commentators on this subject have had their work sequestered and even suffered personal ridicule and injury. However, though the messenger may be destroyed, the message lives eternally:

We ask the reader to put aside their mental laziness, their nonsensical prejudices and allegiances, and their intellectual fallacies, and all by which they are conditioned. For without that proverbial "open mind" the reader cannot hope to understand the gravity and authenticity of the subject here presented. However, whether this work is accepted openly or not we, nevertheless, seek here to directly combat the elite technocracies of power and religion that have made intellectual and emotional slavery into virtues.

We openly oppose these monumental adversarial congeries, stating that nothing that they have produced is of any use or meaning. Nature can do without all they have spawned. So can I and so can you. You have nothing to lose but your chains. Your power has been taken away by those with control over your mind, emotions, energy and body. Because you have given away your own power to those without any, your power is now being constantly, and viciously, used against you.

A degenerate sort of cult taken to extravagant lengths.

Pliny the Younger - (writing about Christianity to Emperor Trajan)
Fortunately, not everyone has ingested their lies or has been hypnotized by their fictions. Not all are of us are obsessed by personal advancement and hyper-achievement, blinded to the plight of humanity and nature. Not all have relinquished their sovereign duty to serve humanity and ask the great questions of life. Not all of us have been waylaid by the plethora of panaceas and spiritual bromides manufactured by those bent on the captivity of our souls. Some of us still remember that more than god, man needs Freedom - freedom from authority, religion, governments and beliefs. To all of those people still holding on to that rarest of possessions - an independent mind - this writing may be considered a dedication to your continuing intellectual and spiritual enrichment.

Written by Michael Tsarion
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